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Tables Sedit

For more information about each product check it’s details on our supplier site by clicking on the image to visit the attached link.

                                 Classic                                                                        Bio

Hardwood tables classic style white extendable tables in hardwood, with colored chairs around

                                  Artù                                                                  Solomio Rovere

White tables with blackand white chairs around Extendable tables inhardwood with lamp on it and black chairs around

                                Cortina                                                                Fusion Rovere

Extendable tables in dark hardwood Extendable tables in metal and hardwood


Extendable crystal tables

Multifunction Tables Sedit


Small table that can be extended and hightened in white wood Small tables that can be listed and extended, with small chairs around

ITF Design Tables





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Multifunction Tables

The multifunction tables brand Sedit can easily be manipulated to fulfill different functions in your house, using up the available space in an intelligent and creative way. Click on the attached link to check out the full catalogue on the site of our supplier.

Multifunction Tables