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Country Kitchens Tempora

Country Kitchens Tempora

The country kitchens Tempora are synthesys between simplicity and true wood. The spaces are different for every person, allowing each individual to be happy in the place he or she lives, because they are embraced by a positive, creative and unique environment.

The selected wood, exclusively solid wood from Finland, comes from tree plantings that have certified and controlled reforestation.

The raw matter is treatment-free, except for naturaldrying occuring inside steam implants, and does not contain any human toxic substance.

The employed vinyl glues do not contain formaldehyde.

The finishing touches are entirely realized with water based paints which do not alter the wood fragrance and have no toxic emissions, which makes the product suitable for young children.

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Tables Sedit

For more information about each product check it’s details on our supplier site by clicking on the image to visit the attached link.

                                 Classic                                                                        Bio

Hardwood tables classic style white extendable tables in hardwood, with colored chairs around

                                  Artù                                                                  Solomio Rovere

White tables with blackand white chairs around Extendable tables inhardwood with lamp on it and black chairs around

                                Cortina                                                                Fusion Rovere

Extendable tables in dark hardwood Extendable tables in metal and hardwood


Extendable crystal tables

Multifunction Tables Sedit


Small table that can be extended and hightened in white wood Small tables that can be listed and extended, with small chairs around

ITF Design Tables





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Pozziarmadi Walk-in Closets



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Modern Living Rooms

Innovative living room geometry 2BITALIA

From the Pixel composition, reminding a computer digital image, to the modular bookcases that can be modified in many forms and positions, the suggested furniture can adapt to every taste of who seeks a composition where aesthetic merges with functionality, for modern, stylish living rooms.


To each composition one can choose different decorations and finishings: prints on varnished doors, with open pores, or on the glass; or refined carved relief decorations.

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Living Rooms Geometry

Pescarollo Living Rooms Variable Geometry

The modularity of these living rooms collections is virtually endless. The modern style is perfect for who seeks a unique and personal composition, where the only limit is your own fantasy. With the shiny stone sliding doors, they offer an innovative style.

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Country Living Rooms

Callesella Day Zone

Handcrafted furniture and country living rooms since 1800. Eco-friendly, healthy and aesthetically belonging to the Italian cultural legacy, the furniture is made by artisans skilled in manifacturing scandinavian fir and pine hardwood furniture.

The wood comes from certified plantations, where cutting of the trees is planned and balanced by adequate reforestation. The trees are also not subject to toxic anti-parasitic treatments, and the paints used are all water basedand non toxic.

The country living rooms Callesella, with it’s rustic and traditional furniture, bestow each home with a warm and cozy environment that is in perfect equilibrium between past and present, and is the perfect choice for who feels in harmony with the rythms of nature.

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Living Rooms

Country Style day zone Callesella

country living rooms Country living rooms


Variable modern geometry Pescarollo

Living rooms pescarollo Variable geometry living rooms pescarollo


Modern compositions 2BItalia

Modern pixel brown composition for living rooms Variable living rooms bed and bookcase

 Giellesse Living Rooms






Living Rooms Tabià

Soggiorno Tabià


Stays Zone Day

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Modern Sofas


Biba salotti sofas Biba Salotti sofas


Divani Classici

Expandpouf Sedit


Woman sat on sofas Expandpouf People sat on expandpouf sofas in a house

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Radice Mobili Beds

The skillfull manifacturing process use hardwood and other exquisite materials, selected and certifid of origin, to makde modern and stilish long-lasting beds.

Bolzan Beds

Quality craftmanship beds, rigorously made in Italy artisan work. The materials are of superior than average quality, long lasting in time and mites-proof.

Giellesse Beds


Beds Limelight

Diagonal and Skyline

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Visit our BEDS section for other examples of bedroom furnituresand beds.

Tempora Beds

Giellesse Beds

 Bedrooms Contract



Bedrooms Tabià

Camera Tabià